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“Moon Time” by Chords of Truth |Music Mondays

Chords Of Truth’s new single “Moon Time” will take your ears on a philosophical journey through nature and time guided by the reassuring hook. You can listen to the song in two ways, one way purely as a song with good rhythm and the other in a more abstract way since the lyrics in the song are quite deep. “Moon Time” is a country folk song through and through, and with it’s upbeat sound and gnarly radio personality like vocals from Jason Garriotte (Chords Of Truth), you have a winning formula to a solid single. Check out the “Moon Time” below and be ready to take your ears on a new journey.

moon time 2

Artist Bio:

After turning the original “Reflections of Reality” Acoustic EP of 7 inspirational folk songs into a collaboration project with 14 producers generating 57 electronic remixes spanning the genres of Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop, etc…, Chords of Truth is once again creating classic singer/songwriter folk tunes.

In the fall of 2013, Jason Garriotte (Aka Chords of Truth) was awoken in the night with the phrase “Moon Time” in his head after the viewing of a documentary on electronic music gatherings converged with the prior knowledge that life on this planet is strongly influenced by the moon. This creative inspiration generated several new songs including “Moon Time” as the first single to be released. (Read More)


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