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Pokemon Starters-First Gen [Art Theme Of The Week]

         There’s a ton of Pokemon, but something about the classics always draw me in. When I started playing Pokemon on my Gameboy I had missed out on the original starters, however I did start out playing with Pikachu on the special edition cartridge and had been hooked on Pokemon for a quite a while until Junior high started. I still dabbled here and there with Pokemon News and even got Pokemon Pearl for my DS, beating a ton of people at school who were surprised I was so good. I just got out of college, and my free time seems less and less but hopefully one day i’ll be able to pick up a new pokemon game either on handheld or console (Pokemon Stadium?) in the future. Until then, thought it would be cool this week to showcase some beautiful, zany, and realistic takes on the original “OGs” in the Pokemon handheld world, the first gen starters. The artists below did great!

Ivysaurby sketchinthoughts

Ivysaurby Silverbirch

-Bulbasaur-by arvalis

:Bulbasaur:by Delano-Laramie

Pokemonster Hunter-Venusaurby arvalis

Mega Venusaurby Dannycreepy

Bulbasaurby demidemi

Charmanderby MaHenBu

Charmanderby SoupAndButter

Charmanderby Twarda8

Charmeleonby atryl

Charmeleonby DestroyedSteak

Charmeleon for real!by Baldraven

Charzardby Arieth

charzard sketchby zachraw

Charizardby AbelVera

Charizardby DAV-19

Charizardby el-grimlock

Charizardby GENZOMAN

Charizardby razwit

Squirtleby falvie

Squirtleby MaHenBu

Squirtleby Vermeilbird

Squirtleby Lyraphine

Wartortleby SoupAndButter

Wartortle and Krabbyby DAV-19

Wartortle looking coolby purplekecleon

blastoiseby DestroyedSteak

Blastoiseby commanderlewis

Blastoiseby cheeny

Realistic Mega Blastoiseby AbelVera

Blastoiseby JoshuaDunlop

Commission Venusaur vs Grimerby Leashe

Charizard (Better fire?… dunno)by JoshuaDunlop


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