Ragnarock’s Cabin [Flashback Friday]

“A honeymoon retreat goes south when the newlyweds find a group of rowdy friends in THEIR cottage! Apparently the cottage is double booked and neither side willing to leave they all decide to tough it out, but in the morning things go from bad to worse…”

ragnarok cabin name

A very hilarious comedy thriller, “Ragnarock’s Cabin” is a mix of your typical out in the middle of nowhere horror with enough funny bits and unique characters to set it apart.

ragnarock pic 1

Starting after the wedding, the newlyweds are set out to their cottage to “commence” the marriage but things don’t go as planned, and they end up with new random housemates for their whole stay.  And to make things worst, there’s a killer on the loose, and they’re all the targets.

Feature_FilmStill014 (2)

The film does a good job in keeping pace,  and none of the characters or plot points feel like a waste or “filler”. The cottage goers are a hilarious bunch, each having their own unique traits and personalities that makes them stand out, and also the “hooded” killer does  a good job of reminding you of those old funny villians in Scooby-Doo.  However, some of the cuts felt a bit too long (reminded me that this is an indie film), and I feel with a few more different angles in dialogue portions would have made the film stand out more.

Ragnarok puppet

Overall, a film that I enjoyed watching and I’m sure will watch again tonight after the Walking Dead, 3 out of 5. Good!

ragnarock review

P.S. And oh, watch out for child safety locks!


After you watch the trailer above, be sure to rent or purchase your own copy to watch the full film. And hey Christmas is coming up! Perfect gift for loved ones or indie film lovers!


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