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And The New Static Shock is….(New TV/Movie Reveal)

Soooo apparently there’s a new actor for the role of Static Shock, at least according to one of my late season fave walking Dead Characters Tyler James Williams at a press conference. I for one am a big fan of Static Shock and seeing a new project from DC starring the character makes me very happy to see, either through a reboot on TV or on the big screen.

Now the actor playing him however, has elicited a lot of polarizing views on the potential of the film. Jaden Smith, the kid actor that a lot of people seems to hate (especially after After Earth) is supposed to be Static for the next film and I for one don’t mind him playing the electric teen at all. I know a lot of people may say otherwise, but they have to remember that After Earth was just a bad script for the most part, and Jaden has the potential (with a good script) to make a compelling superhero teen. Anyways, check out the press conference below and tell me your thoughts on Jaden as the new static of this generation!


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