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How To Plan Your Weekly Goals & Be More Successful

Planning your week in advance is very important in maintaining consistency as well as making sure that everything that you want in a week to be completed is done. I learned this skill late last year during the end of the semester when I had a ton of school projects and essays to complete, as well as trying to maintain my blog site (here) and other works. For me, I started out doing daily goals to accomplish for each day, and when I completed it, check it out from my board. I learned that after writing down the tasks that I needed to complete, completing tasks became easier and more like a game then an actual chore. 

I now started doing the same thing for my blog, except having everything planned out and scheduled weeks in advance. If you were a viewer on my blog a year ago, you’d probably notice that the timing of posts were different and some days I would have posts and some days I wouldn’t, it was kind of hectic. But thanks to just sitting down Sundays or Saturday mornings and writing out what posts I want to post for the week and then going out and actually finding the clips and writing the posts, then scheduling everything at specific times, my life has become a lot easier.

You may not have a blog yourself, but taking time one day throughout the week to schedule what you plan to do on certain tasks that you really want to complete can work wonders for you! I currently write out my posts about a week or two in advance, however, I have an app on my phone called “ColorNote” that I use to write out checklists every morning on things that I need to finish that day. I may not be able to finish all of the tasks I set for myself yet, but it definitely helps in keeping me more productive.Anyways, I found a couple of vids that help explain some of my tactics on getting work done throughout the week as well as some new ones that I may have to try out. Stay productive and stay successful my friends, remember its not working harder, it’s working smarter.


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