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“The Witch King (1st Movement)” by The Synthetic Dream Foundation (Music Monday)

A unique combination of genres, from futuristic electronic to dark contemporary style of music (with hard handed beats added in for good measure), The Synthetic Dream Foundation definitely sets itself apart from the crowd with this EP style. Each of the three songs currently on the EP have their own unique flair, which may throw your ears off during the first listen, but after the second or third time the change is quite refreshing, as if your listening to a brand new album of sorts. My favorite song in the EP is “In the Reals of the Unreal”, which is a very brooding, almost mythological type of a song that makes me feel as if i’m watching a Greek God movie or part of an epic battle (The Spartans in 300?). Overall, a solid EP with a unique sound that makes you feel as if you were in your very own movie.

*Click the album cover below to listen to the Ep yourself!

the synthetic dream

Track List

1. In the Realms of the Unreal
2. The Human Harvest
3. In Letters of Black Night 

The Synthetic Dream Foundation Bio:

“The Synthetic Dream Foundations sound is based upon merging epic orchestral music with contemporary glitchy electronics.  TSDF has released many singles on compilations for labels such as 4AD, Alfa-matrix, Twisted Records, and has remixed countless industrial acts like Suicide Commando, Grendel, and Informatik.  TSDF has also scored several sucessful, independent films. TSDF Combines full orchestral mayhem, with highly styilized and futuristic electronic landscapes and beats set this artist above and beyond what most industrial/idm projects are doing in terms of creativity.  From harsh, brooding, mechanical beats to dreamy classical piano, and (Read More)


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