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“The RA-6600” (Self titled debut) |Music Monday

Upbeat, positive and little gung-ho, ‘The RA-6600″ is a good listen while cruising down the road. The songs are a mix of pop and rock, with expertly played drums and piano as instruments. All of the songs flow together pretty well, making you feel like you were apart of a real life concert which makes “The RA-6600” an enjoyable album to listen to. Check out the songs in the soundcloud player below or by clicking the album cover!

the ra 6600


“Named for a high wattage 1970s eight-track stereo, The RA-6600 is an all-original vocal duo with piano and drums. It combines the pop melodies of Daniel Olivas and the punk abandon of Mark Medley to create “lo-fi pop bursts” not unlike AM radio of the mid-twentieth century. The songs are instantly accessible and under two-minutes-fifty. In 2012 an eponymous debut EP The RA-6600 was recorded live to analog tape and released on Popnami Records. With a combination of catchy, well-crafted songs, stylish aesthetic, and dynamic two-man live performances, The RA-6600 have attracted public and critical acclaim.” (Read More)


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