Batman (Art theme of the week)

Everyone knows the brooding cape crusader, who fights crime while disguising his voice in a low (slightly) creepy way. Well he has had many variations over the decades, some good and some bad, but always Batman. Check out a few renditions of the cape crusader from medieval times to the futuristic what-ifs and all of the in-between.

Medieval Batmanby Daniel-Abreu

Batmanby Mar11co

Batman Worst Nightmare Wallpaperby BatmanInc

Batmanby Lightning-Stroke

Batman…!by Lightning-Stroke

Batmanby AndyFairhurst

– Beyond —by wyv1

Batman Beyondby nicollearl

Batman Beyond Sketchby BrentMcKee

Batman Beyondby JoelGomez

Iron Batmanby TeamMatrix12

Iron Batmanby Dragonfly929

BATMANby knez-iole

Batmanby IlkerEsen


Batmanby Go-Dark

Batman Beginsby AXE187GRIDER

Batmanby Zatransis

Batman Beyondby Rahzzah

BATMAN: Im Batman ^^by Creative2Bit

Batjokerby MrRedButcher

BatJokerby NocturnalBrush

BatJokerby Kiloshinoda

Batjokerby saintlive

Red Lantern Batmanby spyder8108


Zombie Batmanby Awtew

Old Batmanby lora-zombie

fatmanby curua

Samurai Batman + close-upsby YuSePe

Super Samurai League Ex 2by trevic


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