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Super Jump Challenge (Indie Game Reviews)

Todays indie Game review is “Super Jump Challenge” from the Xbox live marketplace.

The game is very simple and basic, being split up between 4 categories, easy, difficult, insane and extreme.

The goal in all of the difficulties are the same, jump over the blocks that are rushing towards you. However, each raise in difficulty increases the number of blocks that you have to control, and add that in with the increase of speed & it becomes close to impossible to get a high score past 50 even on ‘insane’ difficulty. 

Now on the positive side, the game is quite addicting, being somewhat reminiscent of one button games like Flappy Bird, and you’ll probably saying “let me try just one more time” a lot. But on the negative side, each difficulty feels very repetitive after a while, and the difficulty spike after “easy” will probably keep most from purchasing the game, if you decided to try the “free trial” version.

Overall, the game will probably be addicting & fun for the first 10 minutes but after that you’ll probably move on to something more enjoyable and won’t come back since there’s nothing new or progressive in the game to warrant it. 

“Super Jump Challenge” gets a 2/5. 

Cool concept, but isn’t worth the dollar.


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