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My Lonely Me (Indie Film Review)

“She is aged 7 and fears for her life. She runs to a Convent door. Cries for her Mother and Father. But they are no more. She is now 21 locked in a swirling mist. Music is the only key – That will unlock her destiny.”

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Prior to watching ‘My Lonely Me’, I did a little research online and found out that the film was in the thriller and musical categories, which I found quite odd considering every musical I’ve ever watched like The Wizard Of Oz, The Wiz, Family Guy (if you count the many musical episodes)etc, have all been pretty light hearted and comedy at best. However, after watching this 90 minute indie film I have to say I’m surprised more thrillers haven’t adapted this “new” concept, because musicals and thrillers can definitely bring about a compelling story.

On the positive side, the acting was superb! Had a good story that had me intrigued from the start and kept pulling me in until the very end as well as the genre mixing of musical/thriller that actually made sense with the story and helped to drive the plot forward.

Overall, an excellent indie film that did something different and worked. I hope to see more musical/thrillers in the indie world as well as in Hollywood in the future.

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Joe Scott


Joe Scott


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