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Fargo (Netflix Saturday)

An indie film that I wanted to see for a while but now finally have an excuse to see. From all of the reviews and people that i’ve talked too, it seem like i’ve been missing out on a gem for all of these years. Here’s the synopsis, 

“A pregnant police chief is investigating a series of homicides across the frozen tundra. Against a sprawling Minnesota landscape, a car salesman hires two criminals to kidnap his wife. But when the scheme goes sour, and wood chippers get involved, the haphazard kidnapping plot turns deadly serious.”

After watching the trailer and reading the synopsis, the film looks to have a lot of small humor behind a lot of serious matter, such as kidnapping and murder. If it’s anything like the Fargo TV series pilot, than I can pretty much guarantee this film will have a very good script, with sly dialogue and even more deceptive style of storytelling. If you’re a film buff, and haven’t seen Fargo already, tonights the night to start. See you guys on Netflix!

Image result for fargo 1996


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