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Gimme Shelter [based on True Story] (Netflix Saturday)

“After running away from her abusive mother, a streetwise teen seeks refuge with her father, but he rejects her when he learns that she’s pregnant.”

After watching the trailer for this indie film I knew it had to be the Nettflix Saturday Movie for today. Starring Vanessa Hudgens as a orphaned teen trying to find her place in the world, after going in and out of foster homes, with no hope for the future until finding a new refuge in a homeless shelter. 

Image result for gimme shelter movie poster

From watching the trailer, there seems to be a lot of powerful emotions as well as drama between the pregnant teen (Hudgens) and her father who seemed to have abandoned her or not cared for her at all growing up. There also seems to be a redemptive narrative to the film as well, with the orphaned teen gaining her power back and hope for the forseeable future when met with strangers who exactly care about her and consider her family, something that she never had while growing up.

Image result for gimme shelter movie poster

Hopefully you guys like the Netflix Saturday Movie of the day, and if you did or didn’t be sure to let the whole community to know by commenting below!


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