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“Grey”- by Blizzard


Grey, a single from,Canadian artist, Blizzard’s upcoming album the ‘Architect Of Perfect Sadness’ is surprisingly “fresh”. After listening to the song my first time through, I couldn’t quite put the song into a tight genre which turned out to be good thing. There’s a mix of an electronic feel with beats that got me intrigued with the song from the beginning, and this grew after hearing Blizzard’s lyrics, that felt very emotional and real, as if he was singing something much deeper and from the heart than what you may hear a lot of singers in the mainstream sing about today. After listening to the song a couple more times, I started to like the song more and more, and with that said I’d definitely recommend me this single to anyone wanting to listen to something fresh and original. or who are tired of the mainstream’s more and more unoriginal content in the music sphere. If you want to contact or look up some more about Blizzard and his work you should check out his Facebook by clicking either the picture below or link!

blizzard logo



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