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New YouTube page! + Update on phase 2!

Hey guys, so I finaaaaaaly made a new YouTube page specifically for this blog. I’ve been meaning to make a new one for a long time, and after a lot of research and since i’m about to graduate I think this is a perfect time to start it up. This new YouTube page will eventually link up with this one(as well as my instagram art page) where i’ll be able to link up videos as well as the information on certain topics and Netflix Saturdays on two platforms to help grow the site to more people outside of the blogging around.

I should be getting my new (smaller) Green Screen in a couple days, and i’ll be able to start testing out different videos and set ups in my free time. Hopefully, by the next 3-4 months I’ll be able to have down a consistent weekly layout for videos to be uploaded to go along with the blog posts and reviews. In the meantime you should definitely check out, and subscribe on the YouTube page even though it’s pretty bare right now. 

On the new channel i’ll have trailers that I either shot or edited for what-if movies, projects, etc, as well as a weekly rundown  of speed draw sketches from my 15xFifteen page. Whenever I get my new smaller green screen plan to see more indie video reviews, trailer reviews, music reviews, (hopefully interviews), etc! Be on the lookout, Phase 2 is in motion!

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