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New Skin

“Faded film actress Jade Preston plans her return to the limelight after scheduling an experimental procedure to replace her aged skin.”

new skin 2

          Wow, a pretty remarkable short film that kept my attention from start to finish. The short is about a film actress, Jade Preston (Sabrina Culver), who’s not really fond of her aging skin (believing she’s ugly now), and is bent on replacing that skin from new youth.

new skin 1

The buildup to getting to know the characters is pretty refreshing, especially the first time seeing Jade Preston, and makes the whole film have an eerie vibe, fitting in with the horror/thriller theme during the course of the plot. All of the characters also seem to have their own personalities, though not all of them expanded upon, which allows you to get a sense of how or why they do some of the actions they do during the story.

new skin 4

         From the name of the title you already get a sense of what the short is going to be about, however there’s enough little twists and turns that make the film enjoyable even with you knowing where everything is headed. Overall, a highly enjoyable short, check out the trailer below!

******New Skin’ Awards & Nominations******

+ Won best horror/thriller at Wildwood Film Festival

+ Has been accepted into Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Los Angeles .

+ Up for Best Short (produced by Sabrina Culver and Chris Emmons and two other awards at www.sttropezinternationalfilmfestival.com

love addiction 4

new skin 2

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