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“A woman who appears to have everything going for has to make a decision between her happy life with husband/family and her darker impulse and obsessive love for an inappropriate man which threatens to destroy her ”picture perfect” life.”

love addiction 2

A powerful short that i’m sure will resonate with a lot people even those who haven’t loved someone who doesn’t reciprocate the feeling. #SabrinaCulver does an amazing job getting you to feel as if you’re experiencing the ups and downs yourself, and her progressive fall in to the addiction. The story tells Whitney’s (Sabrina Culver) fall to her addiction as she shares her story in rehab. This is definitely not a love story, but something more real and gripping, check out the trailer for Addiction below!

Addiction Film awards

Sabrina Culver was nominated for best lead actress at St Tropez International Film Festival for best lead actress in a short, for best original screenplay of a short, best director Jacopo manfren 

love addiction 4

Full List

ST.Tropez IFF 

Best Original Screenplay: Addiction

#Sabrina Culver

Best Lead Actress in a Short Film: Addiction

#Sabrina Culver

Best Director of a Short Film: Addiction

Jacopo Manfren

Best Supporting Actress: Addiction

Lynne Alana Delaney


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