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He Said She Said (classic review)

My dating life in a nutshell, “He said, she said” is the perfect Valentines movie or heck dating short ever that will definitely make you LOL. “He said, she said” flips the script on your perceptions after a date, and I can’t lie one of the guys reminds me of myself, but I’m not telling which one xD


“He said, she said” starts out like any other date movie, with the two females talking about their differing perspectives on their date the other night. It’s hard for me to describe the dates exactly because it’s too hilarious and I want you to watch first, but let’s just say there’s a ton of NSFW stuff present in both of their accounts. Now if you haven’t died by that half, the guys accounts of the stories are even more hilarious and shows how a worst date for some, really can be the best date for others.

I haven’t laughed this much in a minute, “He said, she said” acting is great (especially the NSFW bits) as well as overall theme that is sure to encapsulate anyone. If you’re looking for a funny short film that will make you laugh out loud for a couple minutes then definitely check this one out!

5 out 5

**Note: There’s a part 2! Get ready!


Movie: “He said, She Said”

Length: 3 min

Genre: Comedy

Where to find:



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