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Plessy v. Ferguson (20??)- by Jared Wesley

Jazz and hip hop fusion, Jared spills his heart through his lyrics expressing his pain and sorrow…Plessy V. Ferguson (20??) song takes it back to the old school with a flow and style that makes it easy to empathize with the artist, making you feel the pain as well. Artistic elements behind a hip hop music that sheds light on the travesties that are still going on today based on vacuous mindsets that a lot of our population has today. Listen to the song by clicking the album cover below and think, peace.


Artist/Band: Jared Wesley
Song: Plessy v. Ferguson (20??)
MP3 or Youtube/Vimeo Video: https://soundcloud.com/thejaredwesley/plessy-v-ferguson-20
Website and/or Social Media: https://twitter.com/thejaredwesley






Business / Inquiries email: thejaredwesley@gmail.com

Origin: Jared Wesley was born in Valdosta, Ga & raised in Atlanta, Ga

Debut Mixtape: The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 1
Mixtape Link: http://www.datpiff.com/Jared-Wesley-The-Reinvention-of-The-Cool-Vol-1-mixtape.500952.html

Second Mixtape: The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 2
Mixtape Link: http://www.datpiff.com/Jared-Wesley-The-Reinvention-of-The-Cool-Vol-2-mixtape.595221.html


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