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Star wars Post Imperial Period (Art of the week)

So Star Wars is probably one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy worlds out there, with hundreds of well known heroes from the movies as well as the many games, and books. This week, I thought it would be cool to touch on some of the artwork from the post imperial period (Episodes 1-3). I couldn’t get in all of the heroes and villians in the period, however I was able to touch on some of my faves. Don’t be surprised if you see a part 2 of the post imperial period in the future! Now check out some of the awesome deviantions of some of these awesome artists. 

Asajj Ventress by pinkhavok

Asajj Ventressby pinkhavok

General Grievousby KirstyCarter

He’s Unstoppableby DarthTemoc

Darth Maulby NickyBarkla

Darth Maulby xWaxWingx

Durgeby jpc-art

Durgeby DangoMango

Star Wars: TCG – Emperor Palpatineby AnthonyFoti

Anakin Skywalkerby Galeart

the dark Anakin o:n Mustafarby lildevilme

Queen Amidala Finishedby lildevilme

Queen Amidalaby TereseNielsen

Plo Koonby jugodenaranjo

Plo Koonby Fierymonk

Ahsoka Tanoby Fierymonk

Ashoka Tanoby Rodjim

Adult Ashokaby ThomasBlack1

Star Wars meets Marvel – Spider Droidby Robert-Shane

Jango Fettby LivioRamondelli

Jango Fett - Stealth Mode by Robert-Shane

Jango Fett – Stealth Modeby Robert-Shane

Star Wars Shock Troopersby Robert-Shane

Cloneby stevecriado


count dookuby StockmanArt

Emperor Dookuby Elephant883

Star Wars portraits: Maceby vividfury

Mace Winduby MattMoylan

Mace Winduby mastermattharden1

Mundi’s Deathby DarthTemoc

Star wars action sceneby Luke-Sideris

Yodaby PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu

Yodaby MrWills

Obi wan – Anakinby Kibbitzer

Obi-wan vs Anakinby mistermoster

Obi-Wan’s Dreamby thehaydenclone

Cad Baneby Evolvana

”STAR WARS: The Clone Wars” — Emboby NinjaKato

Cad Baneby Vasilis-Kun

Kit Fistoby Pepisa

Kit Fistoby Lu-Kutha

Asajj Ventressby MahmudAsrar

Battle Droid DJby drigkyle

Clone Wars Dwarf Spider Droidby Kampfdroide

Battle Droidby thorgal67

Star Wars: Padme Escapesby gallegosart-com

R2D2by JasonHughes

The Birth of C3POby ropa-to

Clone Troopersby eyeqandy

Star Wars Republic Commandoby laurence-J

Order 66by DeAeRO

Young Damaged Vader Noirby Master-Cyrus


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