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Collabs & Remixes- Ep by Coreena

Sensual, fluidity and passion are the first three words to come in mind when describing this EP. Each of the collabs/remix’s have their own flow yet at the same time seem to connect with one another, which sounds great when listening to all of them in one sitting.. If you’ve seen the movie The 5th Element, you’ll definitely feel connections between the two, which is kind of cool considering you’ll probably be listening to music like this in the future. My fave so far is ‘Love Repeat’// Remix, something about the beat draws me in. Click the album cover below to listen to this awesome EP on SoundCloud now, you won’t be disappointed.

Sleeve ECO


A little about Coreena

Coreena is a solo artist who writes and also produced her  first solo projects. Her current EP, Collabs and Remixes, is strongly based off of her previous self produced EP and album, The 5th Element and The Haunt. After their release, “I needed a way to delve into music from a fresh perspective outside of myself”. That is how Collabs and Remixes came to be. In said EP, Coreena teamed with various producers who offered a new but familiar sound.


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