Why You May Need to Switch to Tidal and What it Means for the Music Indus


Jay-Z’s newly acquired (for a cool $56 million) music streaming service Tidal is beginning to gain steam- with a worldwide launch expected today. But what does it mean for the future of the music industry?

Tidal is offering consumers a better sound experience when listening to music. This “high fidelity” sound is supposedly a much better experience quality-wise then its direct competition Spotify. But the major drawback for most is the price. With better sound comes a lighter wallet- $20 a month to be exact. That’s a huge increase when compared to Spotify’s $10 a month ($5 for students).  While there is a $10 option that emulates Spotify to a tee, it seem pointless to switch. Not to mention the added data usage that “hi-fi” sound will eat up.

So assuming you don’t really care for sound difference and are happy with Spotify, why bother considering a switch? The artists…

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