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Barry Tales- animated college web series

barry tales cover 2

Came across this animated web series a couple of days ago while watching another series (which I will feature in the next weeks) and ended up binge watching every episode! Barry Tales is probably the funniest thing I have seen in cartoons in a while, even surpassing American Dad (my fave adult cartoon) at the moment. The reason for this is because Barry Tales gets the college humor down in such a realistic yet humorous way as well as adding in little touches and scenarios that somehow feel realistic, well at least realistic enough in the Barry World, to make since. Also there’s plenty of cameos from other “Bears” like smokey the bear, the Bernstein Bears, etc!

barry tales cover 3

Barry Tales has a great cast of characters, each of which fits pretty much any college stereotype to the stoner kid who somehow makes it through life, to the Fraternity heads, regular college kid (or should I say Bear), the girl who likes to get around and all of the between. After watching all of the episodes from season 1, i’m 110% sure that me and Barry are the same people, except if I was from an alternate universe where I was a bear.The characters are also voiced very well, and fit with their respective characters perfectly, which is something you don’t see that much of when watching indie cartoons.

barry tales cover 4

Since I love the series so much, i’m thinking about starting another review section similar to Netflix Saturday, where I review a indie cartoon episode. I’m probably going to start writing up some reviews so to be scheduled in the next couple of weeks. To hold you viewers down until then, I attached the first episode I saw of the series that got me hooked, “Barry Tales Episode 5:Mid Terms”. Check out the funny cartoon about bears in college below, “nsfw”:P And also Kartoon Managment, to check otu their other animated cartoons!


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