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The Boy: An interview with filmmakers James Peoples and Cayman Grant.

The Dontá Show (blog)

Diggin Deep with Dontá: Episode 16

It isn’t often that I view something which pierces my heart to the core. In 9 minutes I went through a myriad of emotions that left a well of tears in my eyes. In short ‘The Boy’ is about a family that starts to notice a disturbing behavior in their only son, so they call on a local tribal healer to rid him of the “demon.” I won’t spoil it by revealing what the “demon” is but trust me when I say that it will leave you breathless.

The Boy was written and produced by Cayman Grant and James Peoples. Listen in as they discuss their storymaking journey and how it feels to have their film be a part of the 2015 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.

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