Drama / Netflix / Thriller

The Road (Netflix Saturday)

A father-son duo in the vast wasteland that is now earth, ‘The Road’ is a riveting story that is sure to encapsulate anyone who watches.

This post-apocalyptic thriller is about a father and son trying to survive in a world that wants to dead.  I’m not exactly for sure what happened to the world in this film but it was devastating enough to kill of most of our animal and food supply.  They eventually run into trouble along the way, which the father is very used to, but luckily they live. They fortunately run into a little underground place, which is like a palace to them, with food, water, shelter, everything that the son has never experienced all at once and everything is great. But sadly, this small moment of bliss is quickly destroyed when certain events force them to leave to the unforgiving world.

Struggle after struggle, the father and son are pit against worst and worst cases especially when the father’s health starts to deteriorate. At the end the father tries to strengthen his son to the harsh reality of the world that he was born in, because like he says, “I always won’t be here”.

The Road is a fantastic film that shows a possible scenario of how the world would be if something did destroy our societies that we are so used to. Great acting, story and overall gloomy feel

5 out of 5! Must Watch


Movie: The Road

Length: 111 min

Genre: Thriller/Drama/ Post-apocalyptic


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