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Track Kit (GPS Tracking App) review

So for you who don’t know i’m an avid believer in all things involving GPS and it doesn’t have to do with my fear of getting lost all the time…okay maybe a little. Well the Track Kit app is here to make tourist trails, as well as many other ones, easy to find and travel to with many different systems such as Google street view, adding your own images, easy customization of your trails, automatic GPS playback, etc. 

track kit 3

After testing out some of the features on the app, I have to say it’s pretty easy to get accustomed to, and adds in a lot of customization that can make trails that people already have posted, unique to yourself. 

track kit 1

Also, another one of my fave features is the Google Street view generation added in, because sometimes  (at least for me) it’s good to get a layout of the location you’re going to be walking or hiking through prior to getting there and know that the images aren’t fake.

track kit 2

I still have to get used to using everything on the app, but I got to say so far everything looks great on it, definitely one of my fave track apps to date. If you’re a fan of these types of apps, or thinking about going out for trails runs, walks, etc and looking for something to get you motivated, you should try out the App!


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