Game Over For Storybricks


Storybricks co-founders’ Stéphane Bura, Rodolfo Rosini, and Brian Green.

After a courageous 5 years, it’s game over for Storybricks, the AI gaming startup best known for its work on EverQuest Next, the upcoming new release in the EverQuest MMORPG franchise.

In a newsletter sent out last week, the London and San Diego-based company announced that it was closing down, and that Storybricks founders, Rodolfo Rosini and Stéphane Bura, are moving onto their next venture, a new startup in the AI space but one that isn’t related to gaming.

“The journey we took exactly 5 years ago to change artificial intelligence in games has come to an end. We tried our best, the world changed a bit, and now it’s our turn to take a bow and move on,” write the pair.

Originally launched with a super-ambitious mission (and a failed Kickstarter campaign) to create a new browser-based MMO that…

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