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Hot new music video “When You Lost Your situation”

A cool music video and an even better song, “When You Lost Your Situation” is a must hear. Filmed  in Croatia by Filip Dizdar, and starring Nika Ostoic (Playboy journalist & aspiring actress) as one of the female leads, the music video takes you on a funky journey of fun, and partying through Dreamland. The song itself has a lot charm, with an awesome beat, and guitar rift that fits in perfectly, as well as vocals with a unique style and sound that is sure to keep your ears in bliss. If you haven’t already, check out the music video below and be sure to check out the full album available on iTunes now!

From David’s 2015 release “Walking to Dreamland”. Available on iTunes and Amazon. http://www.davidarn.com. Video produced by Filip Dizdar, featuring Nika Ostoic https://www.facebook.com/DavidArnMusic





David Arn:  Is a singer, songwriter and musician best known for his lyrical style. He currently has two albums entitled, “Postmodern Days” and “Walking to Dreamland”. Among myriad outlets Arn’s music has been featured on NPR stations and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights.

[check out his recent interview here]



FILIP DIZDAR: Young and multitalented video director and musician from Zadar, Croatia. Nominated for MTV European award as Best Adria Act 2014. People are sick of him because his songs always end up as number 1 on MTV Adria. Crazy cat person


CATHY FOX: Academic painter, model and S/M show performer. Make- up artist. Miss Creativity. Wild Child.


NIKA OSTOIC: Playboy journalist, alt model, aspiring actress. tattooed like a sailor – no, no, sailors don’t have Oasis and Coldplay lyrics tattooed like she does.


PAUL JOHN: Like his tattoos say: Too weird do live – to rare to die. Queer Entertainer based in Vienna, Austria.



Want to learn more? Be sure to check out: 



Concept for the video– J.F. Sobecki.
Music and video is copyright 2014 by Lackluster Lyrics,LLC


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