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The Circus

Looking for the next big thing in music? Well now you found it.

purple elephant music cover 3

Growing fast in the indie music world, Purple Elephant Music continues to grow and innovate in the rap and hip hop genres of the old school days (i.e rap was a must listen too). The upcoming album “The Circus” probably has some of best beats and lyrics I’ve heard in a very long time, with songs that are perfect while listening to on the road, as well as getting me in the zone while I hit the weights. My top two off the up-incoming album would have to be ‘Perfect Timing’ and ‘Phoenixx’, how about you? Purple Elephants new album “The Circus” comes out February, 3, so Go ahead sample some of the music on Amazon and if you like be sure to pre-order so you’re guaranteed an album!

**Also be sure to check out to check out their other projects as well as the about me section below!

Purple Elephant Music behind the scenes:

Co-Founder: Marquis L. Greer
Purple Elephant Music (PEM) was co-founded by Marquis L. Greer in 2011. The name PEM comes from my 2 daughters, who love to play games by making obscene noises with their anterior or posterior and blaming it on the “Purple Elephant”. Marquis Greer’s love for music and entertainment was the driving force behind the creation of Purple Elephant Music. Music is a universal language that everyone can relate to. However, often times, good music goes unheard and amazing videos remain unseen. PEM is the lifeline to the people, bridging the musical gaps and bringing the music to the people.


Co-Founder: DeMille Saddler
A love for fashion, sports, health and community awareness; generated by music I believe brought me to be one of the founders of Purple Elephant Music, informing our communities.

I am a native of Dallas, TX and College Graduate of Alabama A&M majored in Commercial Arts and Minored in Psychology. Since I could remember I had a love music and art , where skills in music was a dream (lol) design, drawing, painting, and photography has been utilized. I began a career as a free-lance graphic designer and artist. Later Became founder of DES DESIGNS, handled various projects such as Logos, Wedding Packages, Business Packages and Specialty Cards.

“Every young man know the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions” – OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES
“I could never understand anything that felt sorry for itself,
For even a small bird wounded would drop frozen from a bough to its death, before ever feeling sorry for itself.” -UNKNOWN AUTHOR


Co-Founder: Kenneth Edwards
After teaming back up with longtime friends Marquis ” Wrong Way” Greer and Demille “Blindside” Sadler in 2012, Kenneth “Kenfok” Edwards, having over 20 years of experience in music, writing rap songs, scratching and producing, became a part of the Purple Elephant Music family. Together they helped underground artist through social networking by having them submit their music and videos to their website for free exposure as well as submit their music for mixtape releases that would feature national and international artists.

With Wrong Way and Blindside he co-founded Purple Elephant Music Records in July of 2013. Some of those same underground artist went on to join Purple Elephant Music and will be featured on the label’s debut release..The Circus. ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM.


 purple elephant music cover 1


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