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Royalty Free Music haven!- DanoS0ngs

       Anyone working in media nowadays, from film  to music videos, school projects, etc. knows that music is one of the most vital points to any project becoming successful. Now music is very expensive nowadays costing you in the hundreds for even some of the small projects, but luckily there are a growing number of royalty free sites springing up such as DanoSongs which is keeping the price on the cheap.

          I was looking through his site and he has  a cool package that I haven’t seen in many places, where you get the entire library (77 mp3 files currently) to use at your disposal for Video games, films, apps,  the list goes on, with rights to even remix the music and share with other people and clients. I also went through and listened to a bulk of the sounds on the site and I got to say, I could see a lot of potential for a good mix of sound for a lot of different media. Anyways, if you have the chance, you should totally check out if your ever in need for cheap, all encompassing music for your projects in the future!

Take a listen!


click the pic for more info on the rights and to check out the library!


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