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Sober- by Childish Gambino

childish gambino sober cover 1

Donald Glover aka “Childish Gambino” is out with one of his newest tracks, and I got to say it’s probably one of his smoothest ones yet. If you have listened to Gambino before, then you already know that his tracks tend to focus on real things that actually go on in his life, the good and the bad. After listening to ‘Sober’ I want to say that it follows a similar pattern however the beat and the hook in this is just phenominal, and one of the first times that I actually listened and focused on the beats outside of the lyrics from Gambino. Awesome from start to finish, If you’re on a beach, working out, laying down or even driving to the store, this song will fit for you. 5/5 must listen!

Childish Gambino’s Soundcloud:



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