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Innocent – by Pia Dean



‘Innocent’ is a celebration for new life & captures some of the feelings from the perspective of a family member, friend, etc.


pia dean 1

A very mesmerizing and beautiful song, ‘Innocent’ will keep your head bopping in bliss from start to finish. The vocals are on spot on, and the lyrics are very relaxed yet relatable that I’m sure will be able to encapsulate most who listen. I also checked out some of her other songs, and let me say you haven’t already listen to ‘Achilles Heal’ as well! For all of you music heads out there, I guarantee you Pia Dean won’t disappoint!

Pia Dean’s new track ‘Innocent’ feat. Ruthle on vocals. Check out Pia Dean’s song on the Reverbnation link below!


And while your at it, check out her Facebook and YouTube pages, you won’t be disappointed!


Artist Bio:

Pia is a new UK indie songwriter who loves creating partnerships between words & music. Pia likes to give each track its own identity, which reflect influences that cross various genres and include but are not limited to Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Beyonce, Jason Mraz & Adele …. Pia works with guest lead vocalists, which also adds a different flavour to each track, all of which were written between 2010-present.

Pia’s latest self-release is ‘Clarity (is what I need)’ feat. Nikki Dine-Hart on vocals, which is available on iTunes.


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