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Addiction trailer by Sabrina Culver

“Love addiction is a condition in which individuals do not fall in love with someone who will return their affection. Rather, they are attracted to somebody who will rarely meet their needs . From the outside Whitney (Sabrina Culver) seems to have everything going for her yet she lives a double life which threatens to destroy her picture perfect facade- is Dalton (Martin Doordan) really worth it?”

addicted two

Let’s just say that passion is in the air, and not with the people it’s supposed to be with. An awesome trailer for another short film from Sabrina Culver, that looks to be an award winner in the making! I definitely can’t wait to watch the full film, check out the trailer in the link below!

Addiction Trailer

written by Sabrina Culver
directed by : Jacopo Manfren 
Edited by William Haugse 
Trailer editor : Feather Dot Productions / Aaron Arnold
Twin Flames Productions

also starring!: Martin Doordan, Lucy Rayner, Sabrina Machado, Ashton Tyler, Lynne Alana Delaney, Ruben Roberto Gomez, Mike Breyer, Michael Alton Lowder, Darren Reul, Kay Reul, John Michaelson , Katie Virant, Eric Jepson, April Coffee, Jacopo Manfren 


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