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Devil’s Couriers (Comedy web-series)

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“Bonera sales are booming and the club is reaping the benefits. The Hipsters are now allies, Tristan and Gertrude have a new addition, Max and Sara are engaged, Henry is still Henry, and Richie has fulfilled his dream of creating a successful motorcycle club. Who could possibly come between this Gobbler Creek euphoria? The local police (Frank, Dillan) are on the payroll, and the community is enjoying a peaceful union with Spunk Lake. The peace is broken when an FDA agent with a vendetta for MC’s and a need for obtaining Bonera rolls into town.
Who will win the battle for Bonera?”

– Devil’s Couriers blends the action of Sons of Anarchy with the humor of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

If you’re looking for a funny, short, unique cast of characters (and also like biker gangs) than “Devil’s Courier” is a definite much watch!

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From the start you’ll notice the great cinematography as well as the powerful acting, even though it’s a comedy, still feels believable. The plot lines in each episode are also pretty well made, with enough going on in each short to keep any person engaged. There’s 20 episodes in season one, that’s roughly 2-4 minutes apart, which make for perfect binge watching of the entire season (faster than Netflix haha). Also season two is coming out, which I assume will be even better! Overall, an awesome web series that any fan of “Sons of Anarchy”, or fans of comedy in general would enjoy, 5 out of 5 must watch!

dcmc review

Movie: Devil’s Courier (web series)

Length- Season 1(20 episodes +extras)

Genre: comedy/drama

Where to find: YouTube—


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